About Beny Steinmetz

Beny Steinmetz

Businessman and Philanthropist

“It is not often that one can pause and reflect on ones own past and realize that what we have been given, that which is tangible, touches us the most and remains with us throughout our lives.”

Beny Steinmetz

Who is Beny Steinmetz?

Beny was born in 1956, the fourth child to Rubin and Esther Steinmetz. By 1977 the family business, ‘Rubin Steinmetz and Sons’, had been long established and at 21 years of age, upon the completion of his 3 years of compulsory military service in Israel, Beny left Israel to find his independent way, settling in Antwerp to build his future there. In Antwerp he met and joined one of Belgium’s leading diamond dealers Mr. Abraham Laub. In giving Beny a start in business, Mr Laub was elemental in helping him learn about the industry and lay the groundwork for his success.

An acquaintance of Beny Steinmetz once stated “the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ isn’t applicable to Beny. To him, the sky is merely the beginning”. And indeed it wasn’t long before Beny took the business to new heights, gradually expanding its operations and successfully developing a network of contacts on the African continent. During the 90’s the business joined forces with Beny’s brother Daniel creating what is now known as SDG, Steinmetz Diamonds Group.

Over the years, this hard working visionary turned the contacts he had developed early in his career into long lasting relationships and business opportunities in countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and India, to name but a few. To this day, these connections continue to grow and expand, beyond the business’s foundation in diamonds, into vast global interests.What began as a young local business has today become a multi faceted empire. The Steinmetz brand today occupies the top tiers of a number of industries including real estate, mining, minerals, financing, oil & gas and several others, and continues to grow.


Beny married his high school sweetheart Agnes, in 1980. They had met when Beny was 17, and she 15. During the Yom Kippur War, when virtually all Israeli men were mobilized, many students volunteered to fill the vacuum created in the civilian labour force. It was while they worked in an agricultural settlement for this cause that they met and fell in love.

Sharing her husband’s ambition and dedication to hard work, and so she could stay close to him, Agnes joined the staff at the Steinmetz offices. She effectively combined work with family and remained involved in the business until the birth of their third child, Michal, in 1986. The couple’s eldest child, Merav, was born in 1982, followed by Avner in 1984. Nadav, their fourth and youngest, was born in 1993.

The Agnes & Beny Foundation

By 1996, after having lived in Belgium for some 18 years, Beny and his wife decided it was time to leave. Home and family are very close to their hearts and the time was right to return to Israel and continue to raise their family there. They also shared a vision to create a better future for the children and youth of Israel; this led them to set up, in 2007, the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation. In 2010, they decided it was time to move again and today they reside in Geneva, Switzerland.

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